Study in style without fighting for space.

Southern Oregon University is a destination that offers small campus feel with the amenities of a larger university. The airy, bustling library is full of group study rooms, private nooks, computer labs, a media center, and even an art gallery, plus a wealth of archeological artifacts, books, documents, and archives on every subject. Advanced science labs are available for you to use when you're on the cusp of your next breakthrough. The Nationally-renowned theatre program can catapult you to the next level of stage prowess. Whatever your interests, you'll have abundant resources at your fingertips.

Don't get stuck in a stuffy dorm room.

Actually, our new North Campus Village is both pretty and environmentally sensitive, not to mention packed with semi-suites and suites adjacent to a new dining commons. You'll be pretty comfortable.

But those who want to get outside and enjoy the beauty of nature will not be disappointed. Ashland is nestled against green hills laced with running and biking trails. Nearby mountains are snow-capped in the winter. You'll have a spectacular view of the fog that rolls in on some rainy mornings. Nearby rivers are perfect for rafting. Lithia Park, located downtown, is ideal for hiking, picnicking, napping, or studying in the sunshine.

And we have the credentials to prove it: Smithsonian magazine recently placed Ashland on its list of top small towns, while Outside magazine names Ashland one of the Best College Towns in America, one of the Top Ten Small Towns in America, and the Best Trail Running Town in America.

Enjoy a thriving, enlightened community.

You can attend an incredible performance of Shakespeare or a new contemporary play at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival one day, attend a wild Halloween parade the next, and organize a grassroots activist campaign the morning after that. You can network with local publishers, award-winning actors, respected economists and geologists, successful business owners, up-and-coming software engineers, or ambitious composers. You'll be positioned in the ideal place to find and pursue all of your passions and your goals.

The new North Campus Village